About Us

OC Food Not Bombs is an autonomous leftist group fighting for food and housing justice for the most vulnerable in Orange County.

We are explicitly anti-capitalist. One of our main priorities is creating mutual aid alternatives for our community to support itself with.

Whether that’s:

  • Rescuing hundreds of pounds of produce from being wasted every week thanks to Food Forward
  • Using that produce to cook and distribute healthy meals every week for our unhoused comrades in Orange County
  • Making sure both our housed and unhoused neighbors have free clothing, health supplies, and healthy food available to them

Our goal is to have people’s needs met & exceeded by working together as a community.

When it comes to the food that we prepare and distribute, we fall under a “freegan” model. We will always prioritize vegetarian and vegan meals, however, if we receive something meat-based that would otherwise go to waste, we make sure it goes to the community, instead.

As a group, we are horizontally-structured. This means there’s no central leadership, hierarchy, or voices steering what we do. All decisions and actions are determined as a collective.

If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out! You can message us on Instagram & Twitter, or email us at FriendsCooking@ProtonMail.com for more info.

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